Agastache coccinea

Agastache coccinea
Orange-flowered Anise Hyssop

Agastache coccinea, also known as Orange-flowered Anise Hyssop, is a short, clump forming perennial with numerous tubular orange flowers from May through the end of summer. It requires a moderately fertile slightly alkaline soil with good drainage and full sun to reach its maximum height of 36" (30cm) and width of 36" (90cm.) at maturity. The specie is hardy in USDA Zones 7-9 and is ideal for use in a perennial border or herb garden. It also has alternative medicinal uses as the plant is edible.

Agastache coccinea Cultivars & Hybrids

Agastache coccinea 'Apricot Sunrise', an Agastache coccinea x Agastache aurantiaca cross, often referred to as Anise Hyssop, is a herbaceous perennial with an erect clump-forming habit. It possesses toothed, lance-shaped gray-green leaves and has an anise scent. This hybrid cross is native to the Southwest U.S. and Mexico and displays a constant show of its pale orange flowers with purple tinged calyces and stems throughout the summer months. It grows well in a fertile, well drained soil in full sun to light shade in USDA Zones 5-9. This hybrid should be placed in a protected area throughout zone 5 as it may not be winter hardy. It is used in cold drinks and teas for flavoring. It also may be utilized in perennial borders and herb gardens as it averages about 30"36" (75-90cm)in height and 24"-36" (60-90cm) in width. It has no serious pests or diseases and is a good hummingbird attractor.

Agastache coccinea 'Firebird, an Agastache coccinea x Agastache rupestris cross, is an erect aromatic,bushy perennial with toothed, ovate leaves and bearing loose spikes of coppery-orange blooms from mid-summer to late autumn. As with most Agastaches, 'Firebird requires a fertile, well drained soil and full sunlight. At maturity this variety will attain a height of 2'-6' (0.6m-2,0m) and a width of 24" (60cm). This plant is rated for hardiness in USDA Zones 6-10.

Agastache coccinea 'Pink Panther', an Agastache coccinea x Agastache mexicana 'Toronjil Morado' cross is an erect perennial with lance-shaped to ovate purple tinged dark green leaves 1 1/2-2 1/2" in length. It bears spikes to 12" long with bright pink flowers from late spring- autumn. In moderately fertile well drained soil, it will reach a height of 36" (90cm) and a width of 24" (60cm). This specie should be utilized in high visibility placements within a perennial border or herb garden due to its showy features. In addition to the previous uses, it is an edible plant which is also used in alternative medicine.

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